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Sprocket seed chamber PNK-15M

‎235,000.00 грн.

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       Treater type - self-propelled, computer control of working fluid flow;

        Productivity - up to 20t / h;

        Completeness of dressing of seeds of cereals, legumes and industrial crops with aqueous solutions of pesticides - from 80 to                120%;

        Increase in seed moisture content after dressing - no more than 1%;

        Treater weight - no more than 800 kg;

        Power consumption of the treater - no more than 6.0 kW;

        The range of regulation of wheat seeds supply is from 5.0 to 15.0 t / h, of an aqueous solution - from 0.5 to 4.0 l / min;

        The capacity of the container for the working solution is 200 l;

        Movement speed during etching - up to 0.5 m / min;

        Overall dimensions of the treater in working position:

         length 6500 mm with installed unloading auger;

         width 5400 mm with unrolled unloading auger;

         width 2140 mm;

         height 3500 mm.


         warranty - 1 years;

         computer control of the flow rate of the working fluid;

         additional pump for mixing the working fluid;

         automatic control of the treater technological process;

         the ability to pickle sunflower seeds;

         the presence of a powerful aspiration system * allows to reduce the consumption of the working solution with the same                       etching result (the fan capacity of the aspiration system is 350 m3 / h);

         visualization of the process of feeding and dressing seeds, if necessary;

          in the dressing module, direct connection capacitive-type level sensors are used, which set the work of the seed dressing                      device in automatic modes. Unlike push-type sensors, they do not give gaps when turning on and off the seed treater                            mechanisms;

          the presence of three modes of operation, commissioning and two automatic (for low pile and high pile);

           an energy efficient membrane pump is used that does not require additional maintenance during operation;

           the use of a continuous coil and a special pipe in auger conveyors allows you to reduce the injury of seeds to a minimum;

           the wear resistance of the screws is much higher due to the internal thickness of the coil of 6 mm, which is one and a half                     times more than that of competitors;

           in the loading auger, the power opening of the pick-up and supply augers is used, which made it possible to remove the                         gearbox, which injures the grain;

           increased reliability and reduced power consumption;

           the length of the unloading auger is 4.4 m, which allows unloading the treated seeds into machines with extended sides;

           the unloading of seeds from the unloading auger is carried out by the direct-flow method - a more complete filling of the body             with seeds;

           the diameters of the unloading and loading augers coincide (170 mm), which makes it possible to reduce the working speed of             the treater at high productivity, and this reduces injury to the seeds;

           rear-wheel drive is used in the seed treater - stable movement on the pile without gaps and braking;

           convenient transportation of up to 10 PSK-15 units in 1 truck.

Протравливатель семян камерный
Продуктивність, т / год 3-20
Ємність бака, л 200
Подача дозатора, л/хв 0,5-3,5
Споживана потужність, кВт 6
Висота, мм 2350
Ширина, мм 2040
Довжина, мм 2070
Маса, кг 750

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