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Mixer of working fluid 6000

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‎370,000.00 грн.

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Mixer is intended for the rapid preparation of a working mixture of different consistency of plant protection products (liquid, powder, etc.) and the subsequent filling of the tank sprayer. The main tank - 6000 l, the uterine tank - 1000 l

Main advantages of the mic:

  • Possibility of autonomous cooking of the working solution irrespective of the sprayer, saving the working time of the sprayer;
  • Convenient calibration of the tank, which provides convenient dispensing of the means of protection;
  • Preparation, loading of the working mixture into the sprayer for a lithe minute;
  • Reversing shift;
  • Stirring poisons;
  • Mixing powder-like mixture;
  • Mixing of carbamides and other granulated fertilizers;
  • Transfer of liquid from one capacitance to another;
  • Refueling time of sprayer 5-7 minutes;
  • Flushing canisters after poisoning;
  • Rinse the capacitance of the mixer.
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Ємкість бака 6000

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