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TYM T503 tractor with cab

  • Brand: TYM Tractors
  • Product Code: TYM T503
  • Availability: In Stock

‎1,400,000.00 грн.

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Multifunctional TYM T503 tractor cab. Engine: Diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled PERKINS engine. Capacity: 50 liters / forces. Assists: 16 forward and 16 back. Load capacity: Front 806 kg breakout force 1803 kg; rear 1500 kg.

Tractor TYM T503 is fairly compact machine for demanding applications. High build quality and components, diesel engine Perkins (50 hp) at an affordable price, making it practical to purchase, as well as other models of TYM Tractors, in terms of price/quality.

Tractor adapted to work in our climatic conditions, has a standard cabin with the hatch, opening windows, a powerful diffuser 9 heater and air conditioning, for convenience, an mp3 player, multiple adjusting operator's seat and steering.

Потужність 50/36,3
Об’єм, см³ 2216
Топливний бак, л 60
Швидкість машини макс./мін., км/год 31,7
Довжина, Мм 3590
Ширина, Мм 1591
Висота, Мм 2590
Розмір шин Agricultural tires - front / rear - 280/70 R18 / 340/85 R28; Industrial tires - front / rear 12-16.5 R4 / 17.5L-24 R4
Радіус розвороту, м 3352
Вага, кг 2170

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