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Device for measuring of expense of sprayers of FHK 3.30

  • high-fidelity flowmeter for measuring from 0,4 to 7,0 л/of mines

  • 2 variants of measuring: o expense of sprayer in л/of mines from a 0,01 bar o expense of sprayer in л/of mines and separately pressure to 10 barins

  • it maybe to save a to 100 measuring of separate sprayers

  • conversion stored media on a computer

  • possible combination with a measuring suitcase for техосмотра of pump and armature

 First variant of measuring is an expense of sprayer in л/of mines from a 0,01 bar the Rapid measuring of sprayer possible due to in hand moved adapter, and bent metallic tube take air, that allow avoid fault in measuring second variant measuring

Еxpense sprayer in л/mine and pressure to 10 barin simultaneous measuring expense and pressure on sprayer. An adapter is fastened between a harrow and sprayer for measuring of pressure on a sprayer in real time. The expense of sprayer is measured in л/of mines and represents a value to hundredth. A 100 measuring of expense and pressure, that then can be carried in a computer, is saved in a device. At standard placing of harrows on a barbell in a 50 cm, it maybe to conduct diagnostics on a sprinkler with the width of capture in 50 meters. 

Through this device you will be able quickly to find problem places, as threadbare sprayers, shivy filters and coked places in a pipeline.


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