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Shredder RT-720R

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Forestry wood chipper RT-720R is a compact and innovative chipper. Shreds trunks with a maximum diameter of 120 mm from a wide variety of materials (bushes, branches, garbage, deformed wood, trunks and branches), has the best ratio of power and mass production. Allows to achieve productivity from 4 to 8 m3/h.

Technical data:

the maximum diameter of the material to be cut is 120 mm

number of knives - 4 pcs

oil consumption min. 30 l/min

number of traction rollers (hydraulic drive) - 2 pcs

warranty period is 12 months

A range of tractor capacities, min/max 20/50
Blade disc, mm 620
Capacity for shavings, m3 4-8
Cutting knives, pcs 4
Dimensions of the chip, mm 5-12
Dimensions of the external entrance hole, mm 500 х 500
Disc thickness, mm 18
Distance from the entrance hole to the floor, mm 1140
Fastening system Three points
Hole size, mm 120 х 165
Hydraulic supply Tractor hydraulic system
Max. height, mm 1865
Max. length, mm 2130
Max. stem, mm 120
Max. width, mm 940
TFT tractor, rev/min 540-1000
The freewheel is included in the gearbox Included
Turning the outlet cap 320
Weight of knife disk, kg 70
Weight, kg 340

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