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Sprayer VEKTOR - 600-12 (produced in Ukraine, FOP Soroka I.F.) is designed for application of liquid fertilizers and preparations for plant protection.

The mechanical bar (made in Ukraine) with a grip width of 12 m, lifting height from 0.5 to 1.5 m, has a flat design with a pendulum stabilization mechanism.

Pump "Agroplast P-100" (made in Poland), with a capacity of 110 l/min.

Agroplast single-position nozzles (made in Poland).

Polyethylene tank (made in Poland) with a volume of 600 liters, a tank for washing hands of 10 liters.

Cardan shaft.

Mounted field rod sprayers
Продуктивність, га/год 5,5-7,5
Робоча швидкість руху на основних операціях, км/год. 3-10
Ємкість, л 600
Насос, л/хв 100
Штанга, м 12
Довжина, мм 1200
Ширина, мм 2640
Висота, мм 1800
Вага, кг 170
Клас трактора 1,4

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