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The sprayer is intended for the processing of field crops by pesticides _ fertilizers. Aggregates with tractors of class 1.4

Hydraulic rod, manufactured in Germany, with a width of 24 m, a height of 1 to 2.2 m. Underfloor heating. It has a flat structure with a pendulum mechanism of stabilization and a hydromechanical vibration dampening system. The bar is made of high-quality steel, which provides long-term use, and coloring in the powder chamber gives reliable protection from corrosion.
The pendulum mechanism with a hydrocylinder allows you to adjust the bar in a horizontal plane relative to the surface of the field from the tractor's cockpit.
Polyethylene tanks of 3000l.
Injector mixer with ceramic tip, which is set at the bottom of the capacitance.
Option to adjust the width of the track from 1500 to 2100mm.
Wheels with a diameter of 42 provide a clearance of 700mm, and allow you to work at a raised speed.
The pump "Bertolini" or Annovi Reverberi, the production of italium, allows to ensure the continuous operation of the system of pouring the working fluid.
The sprayers of the German company "Lechler" allow the cultivating of the plants and the efficient introduction of liquid fertilizers.
Pump protection mechanism.
The use of the hubs and discs of the Italian manufacture ensures the reliability and durability of the running system of the sprayer.
The computer 5-section system BRAVO-180 spray allows to provide a uniform discharge of the working fluid regardless of the speed of the sprayer movement, controls the amount of the working fluid in the vessel, and measures the amount of cultivated area.
Premixer is a system of mixing of a working fluid, which variably changes powder preparations and equally supplies the sprayer capacity.

Обприскувачi садовi вентиляторнi причiпнi
Тип Trailed
Продуктивність за 1год.експлуатаційного часу, Га/год 9-12
Робоча швидкість руху на основних операціях, км/год 6-10
Робоча ширина захвату, м 24
Насос (виробництво Італія), л/хв 250
Агрегатування 1.4
Місткість бака, л 3000±05
Витрата робочої рідини, л/га 60-600***
Робочий тиск в нагнітальній магістралі, бар 1 - 8
Транспортна швидкість, не більше, км/год 20
Дорожній просвіт (при горизонтальному розташуванні сніці),не мен 700
Ширина колії, мм 1500-2100
Маса машини (конструкційна), кг 2250
Споживча потужнiсть на приводi робочих органiв при обертах ВВП 5 6

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