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Computer Bravo 400S, with GPS navigator. Manufacturer Italy.

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‎440,000.00 грн.

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Monitor, power cables, main regulating and 5 section valves, flowmeter, linear filter, pressure gauge, speed sensor, mounting bracket, hoses and fittings.


Automatic regulation of the discharge rate.
Closing partitions when re-processing.
Control of wear of sprayers.
GPS works on a free signal.
Accuracy between passages 10-15 cm
A complete report on the work done.
Analysis of the report on the PC.
Russified menu.
GPS Navigator Options:

Movement along parallel or curved lines.
Circuit movement.
Centering the rotation and the beep when it is reached.
Emergency signals when overlapping, reaching the turning point.
Shared work display with scalability.
Record in memory of works, important points.
Ability to return to work in progress.

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